Top Winter Pests to Watch Out For

As we get into the cold months of the year, our habits will change quite a bit making us house dwellers who avoid going outside. This behaviour change is not limited to humans, as other animals also avoid the cold by seeking warm shelter. For pests, this warm place is your home, which means you could find yourself sharing your house with some unwelcome guests. To help you cope with pests that might invade your […]

How to get rid of Mosquitoes

How to get rid of mosquitoes. Introducing the chemical free Outdoor Mosquito Trap Pestrol has just released the very popular Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator Mosquito Trap. One of our top sellers in Australia and NZ. This product is now available in the UK. Plug in technology – the lights attract the mosquitoes to the mosquito trap. Once close a whisper quiet fan sucks the insects into a dry storage chamber. The funnel is coated with a […]

How to get rid of super rats?

Super rats are hitting the headlines and¬†people are wondering what is the best way to remove them from our homes or office? There are numerous ways to rid your home of super rats. Get traditional pest control services to come to your house to lay chemical baits. Unfortunately, as the article suggests – rats are becoming immune to chemical baits. Also it can be very dangerous for pets and children. Furthermore, many customers have reported […]

How to get rid of fleas using a chemical free flea trap.

How to get rid of fleas Firstly, you want to use a chemical-free approach wherever possible. especially if you have pets. Our flea trap runs on batteries – making it portable. Scientifically tested to be the best flea trap on the market. The flea trap works day and night to make sure that your family and pets are flea free. There is no noise, no spraying and has no pesticides. A specially designed light attracts […]

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