Pestrol Commentary: Pest Control News From Around The UK

Parasite infestations on the up in the country, two hospitals’ struggle with pests, and some good news for Gwynedd council residents: more in our monthly news roundup. Parasite infestations up 295 percent A mild winter followed by a warm, humid summer have created the perfect conditions for fleas to breed. One pest control firm reported a 145 percent jump in the number of call-outs to deal with parasites bugging families and their pets compared to […]

Pestrol Commentary: Pest Control News Making Headlines In The UK

2 petitions, 2ft rats, and a fly invasion. All this in our monthly roundup of pest control news from around the nation.   A petition to save a grey squirrel Hundreds of residents of a London development have signed a petition to save a grey squirrel from pest controllers. The pest controllers were called in after the squirrel was discovered to be “hiding nuts in people’s pot plants”. Cyril, the name given to the squirrel, […]

Review: What Pest Is That? Summary of Pest Signs

Pest control can be an expensive affair in terms of money, time and effort. But even so, this cost pales in comparison to the cost you will incur for not identifying and acting on the problem on time. This is because pests multiply quickly. If you leave them to their own devices for a moment too long, they will completely overrun your house making control more difficult and property damage to increase significantly. Pests nibble, […]

Top Winter Pests to Watch Out For

As we get into the cold months of the year, our habits will change quite a bit making us house dwellers who avoid going outside. This behaviour change is not limited to humans, as other animals also avoid the cold by seeking warm shelter. For pests, this warm place is your home, which means you could find yourself sharing your house with some unwelcome guests. To help you cope with pests that might invade your […]