How To Get Rid Of Mice

Once you have discovered mice in your home, your next move should be getting rid of mice in your home as soon as possible. That’s because mice are trouble, big trouble. Mice destroy property inside your home and if left unchecked could cause structural damage to the house. They are also capable of spreading diseases through their faeces and through the parasites they carry. Signs of a mouse infestation > Pestrol’s Mice Control Products > […]

How to get rid of super rats?

Super rats are hitting the headlines and people are wondering what is the best way to remove them from our homes or office? There are numerous ways to rid your home of super rats. Get traditional pest control services to come to your house to lay chemical baits. Unfortunately, as the article suggests – rats are becoming immune to chemical baits. Also it can be very dangerous for pets and children. Furthermore, many customers have reported […]