Dogs – Control in Your Home

It can get quite annoying when dogs keep straying into your yard and making all kinds of messes there. They will dig around your property causing destruction to your lawn and plants, and as if that’s not enough, they’ll also defecate on your lawn or garden leaving you with a very icky mess to clean up. Your pet’s behaviour (if you have one) will also be affected negatively when a dog pees near your home, as that is how they mark their territory.

In addition to the mess and trouble, stray dogs could also introduce pests such as worms, fleas and ticks to your home which could be a problem, and more so if you have a pet. Stray dogs also spread diseases such as rabies to both human and animals. And as with all strange dogs, there’s a possibility of the dog becoming hostile and biting you, so be careful.

The life cycle of a dog

On average dogs reach sexual maturity anywhere between the age of six and twelve months – larger breeds could take longer. After mating a female dog will go through a gestation period of about 58-68 days.

The average litter size is about six puppies but this number greatly varies between different breeds. Small dogs usually produce fewer puppies (1 – 4) while larger dogs can produce as many as twelve puppies in a single litter.
The typical lifespan of a dog is between 5 and 13 years. This also depends on the dog’s size and breed with the lifespan decreasing with the size of the dog i.e. smaller dogs live longer.

Controlling dogs

Although they can be quite annoying when they intrude, care needs to be taken to ensure that no harm comes upon them as we try to keep them away. As always, the primary control measure is prevention. Keep these stubborn animals out of your home and you won’t have to worry about controlling them. Some preventive measures you could take include:

1.    If you can identify the owner of the dog, let them know of their pet’s behaviour. Mistakes happen, your neighbour could have let their dog loose by accident or it might even be sneaking out. Let the owner know so that they can take measures to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

2.    Erect a fence. By putting up a fence around your home you’ll be able to keep out dogs and other stray animals. The downside to this is that it might be quite costly and some situations might not allow it.
To help you keep dogs off your property, Pestrol provides a wide range of humane and effective dog control solutions.

Our products include:

1.    Pestrol Outside Animal Repeller. In addition to dogs, the device will scare away any other animals that trespass on your property. This motion activated device combines a strobe light and ultrasonic technology to frighten animals out of your yard. It’s humane, effective and very easy to use.

2.    Pestrol Water Jet Repeller. Also motion activated, this animal repeller scares off straying animals with a powerful water jet to keep your property animal free. It operates on batteries which are recharged by an integrated solar panel. This ensures that the device is always on even when the solar intensity is not strong enough.

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