How To Get Rid Of Mice

Pestrol rodent controlOnce you have discovered mice in your home, your next move should be getting rid of mice in your home as soon as possible. That’s because mice are trouble, big trouble. Mice destroy property inside your home and if left unchecked could cause structural damage to the house. They are also capable of spreading diseases through their faeces and through the parasites they carry.

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Care should be taken when dealing with mouse droppings or nesting materials as inhalation of mouse urine, saliva and droppings is a serious risk when sweeping up mouse “evidence”. For safety, spray them down with a disinfectant before you start sweeping and wear a disposable mask and gloves while doing it.

Mice are nocturnal creatures with very poor eyesight, but despite this, mice are able to locate food and sense predators thanks to their keen sense of smell and hearing. The risk of mice infestation increases significantly during cold seasons as animals (not just mice) seek warmth and shelter. If they happen to find a food source, getting rid of them will be very difficult.

What are the signs of a mice infestation?

There’re certain signs that are a definite indication of a mouse problem. Some of these signs include chewed on items, mouse droppings and noises made by the mice as they move around inside your home. Mice are very stealthy so seeing a live one might be very difficult, but if you happen to see one, be sure there are many more in hiding.
A single female mouse can produce up to six litters of ten younglings per year. With the younglings being able to reproduce in just 30 days, a mice infestation could spiral out of control within a couple of weeks. Action should be taken as soon as the problem is noticed to avoid this.

Why you need to get rid of mice

Mice are very destructive pests. They can gnaw through a variety of items such as doors, cabinets, trim, furniture and even your homes structural framework. When they chew through wire insulation, mice create a big risk of electrical fire. The cost of repairing these damages can add up quickly which will reduce the value of your home and make it hard to find a buyer if you’re looking to sell.

Food wastage is another reason you should get rid of mice. They waste a lot more food by contaminating it than they eat. Food packages with holes chewed in them will indicate that mice have accessed the food which makes it dangerous for consumption. This means that the food items will have to be thrown out.

How do you control mice?

When people have a mice problem, one of the first things that come into their minds is rat poison for control. But this method is neither safe nor effective especially if you have pets. If you pet happens to consume a poisoned mouse, then it might be at risk of falling ill.

Once a mouse has consumed the poison, it crawls away into hiding where it dies a slow and painful death. Soon, a bad stench will start coming from areas of your house that are hard to access such as wall cavities creating a whole new problem. This is another major reason why poison should not be used for mice control.

The first thing you should do when you find mice inside your home is to identify where they are getting into your home. Inspect your house thoroughly and cover all holes that could be used as access points by mice. These include areas around doors, vents, wires, windows, and pipes. Use mesh wiring to cover vents, place weather stripping around your doors and install a chimney cap for your chimney to keep mice out.

Cleaning up your house will also help you get rid of mice by reducing places they could hide. You’ll need to get rid of any garbage or clutter lying around. Other measures you should take include storing food in sealed containers or in the freezer, keeping pet and livestock feed in airtight containers and keeping your compost box far away from your house.

Placing cotton balls dipped in peppermint around suspected entry points will also help keep mice away as mice hate the odour and will go a great length to avoid it.

Pestrol’s mice control solutions

Our mice control products include:

1.    Pestrol Rodent free. The device combines ultrasonic, ionic and electromagnetic technologies to repel mice out of your home. It causes severe discomfort in mice making them want to get away from it. Combining this device with the measures mentioned above makes it more effective.


2.    Pestrol mice device. This is a long tubular mouse trap that is suitable for narrow spaces. Once the mice are caught, you can transport them far away from your home and release them there.

3.    Pestrol mouse trap. The trap has a small funnel-shaped opening that lets mice in. Once they squeeze inside the trap, the opening (because of its funnel shape) becomes too small for the rodents to squeeze out. Trapped mice can be released at a safe distance from your home.


Take immediate action after you discover mice in your home to prevent the infestation from getting out of control.

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