How to get rid of super rats?

Super rats are hitting the headlines and people are wondering what is the best way to remove them from our homes or office?

There are numerous ways to rid your home of super rats.

  1. Get traditional pest control services to come to your house to lay chemical baits. Unfortunately, as the article suggests – rats are becoming immune to chemical baits. Also it can be very dangerous for pets and children. Furthermore, many customers have reported that rats that do eat the blocks, can enter into your roof or wall cavity and die. The smell is something that no one should ever have to experience.
  2. Block any holes, especially around the plumbing in the kitchen where rats can enter your home.
  3. Use a range of humane rat and mouse traps. Our latest double ended rat trap has proven to be the most effective in our range and on the market:
  4. Try one of our electronic rodent repellers. Whilst many pest controllers do not like these products. We have sold hundreds of thousands of these units around the world. Our top selling Pestrol Rodent Repeller uses 3 main technologies to repel unwanted mice, rats and super rats from your buildings.

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