Pestrol Commentary: Pest Control News From Around The UK

Parasite infestations on the up in the country, two hospitals’ struggle with pests, and some good news for Gwynedd council residents: more in our monthly news roundup.

Parasite infestations up 295 percent

fleas-ukA mild winter followed by a warm, humid summer have created the perfect conditions for fleas to breed. One pest control firm reported a 145 percent jump in the number of call-outs to deal with parasites bugging families and their pets compared to the same period last year.

This has seen the number of flea infestations shoot up significantly over the past few weeks increasing the number of flea call-outs by 295 percent from June to July this year alone.

Experts are warning dog and cat owners to be extra vigilant at this time and to take immediate action as soon as they identify an infestation. This is to avoid escalation of the problem as fleas breed very quickly.

Flea control:


Teesside hospitals’ pest problems

South Tees Trust’s hospitals have had serious pest issues over the years having to call in exterminators more than 500 times since 2011. The figures obtained through the Freedom of Information Act showed that pest controllers have been called to either Northallerton’s Friarage or James Cook Hospital twice a week on average.

Some of the pests that have had exterminators called in include flies, roaches, rats, wasps, silverfish and an unidentified bug. These pests have been found everywhere from operating theatres to patient wards.

The NHS trust, which runs the hospitals insisted that “rapid action” is taken whenever pests are identified.