Pestrol Commentary: Pest Control News Making Headlines In The UK

2 petitions, 2ft rats, and a fly invasion. All this in our monthly roundup of pest control news from around the nation.


A petition to save a grey squirrel

Hundreds of residents of a London development have signed a petition to save a grey squirrel from pest controllers. The pest controllers were called in after the squirrel was discovered to be “hiding nuts in people’s pot plants”.

Cyril, the name given to the squirrel, has received support from nearly 250 people who have signed the petition with residents labelling it “part of the community”. Denna Gibbons – a supporter of the petition – argued that the squirrel couldn’t be a pest as he did no harm to anyone. She said the squirrel brightened up many people’s days.

The petition will be delivered to Rendall & Rittner the estate’s agents.


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The second petition: seagulls in Dundee

Meanwhile in Dundee, a petition for the seagull has been launched with a different intention to that of Cyril –  the grey squirrel.  The feathery foragers have been accused of causing a nuisance in the city and residents want the government to cull them.

The petition claims that the seagulls are spoiling days out for many tourists brought in by the new V&A   and waterfront development.

Currently, the Dundee council is coping with the problem by removing the bird’s nests in some areas during the breeding season. This is meant to reduce the birds’ aggressive behaviour and disrupt their breeding patterns.
This strategy will, however, take years before any significant progress is made according to the spokesman for Dundee City Council.

He was also quick to assert that the birds were protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 which only allows the extermination of birds only under special circumstances.



War against giant rats

Giant 2ft rats that are reportedly immune to pesticides have invaded some parts of the UK. A survey by the British Pest Control Association has confirmed the presence of the giant rodents in several parts of the country and has found the animals to be immune to rodenticides.

A councillor from Oldham, Councillor Howard Sykes MBE, has raised alarm over the issue and is planning to propose a motion to combat the pest problem both in the Oldham borough and nationally.
The motion he plans to propose will seek to bring in professional pest controllers and ask the chief executive to write to the local MPs to seek government action in parliament.


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The plague!

Everton residents say they are living in “misery” due to a plague of flies that has invaded the area. There have been reports of swarms of flies getting into local school and homes and causing illness where they’ve come into contact with food.

The cause of the problem is believed to be a fire involving tons of waste that had been dumped illegally at a yard in the area.

A spokesperson for the Liverpool City Council said they were working to remedy the problem and have already brought in pest control experts to control the flies.

In the meantime, the Council has advised people to maintain high standards of hygiene by covering their food, frequently cleaning food preparation surfaces with disinfectant and washing their hands during food preparation and after toileting.