The benefits of a flea trap for a flea problem

A Flea problem can often be hard to shake. They get into your home or work place on the backs of friendly pets and then it seems that no matter what you do, you can’t get rid of them. Fleas are small bugs and are only around 2.5mm in length. Unfortunately, they survive on a diet of blood. Including human blood. Flea bites not only are painful – and allergic for some people, but they also have the potential to spread disease. Diseases that cause trouble for both you and your pet. The Bubonic plague was transmitted by fleas. Have a think about how much damage that caused across Europe.

flea problem

What a flea bite looks like.

However, don’t feel comfortable if you don’t have pets at home. Fleas are also introduced into your home by pests such as rodents, foxes and other mammals.

How to keep fleas out of your home

To start with you can do a couple of things to help keep fleas out to begin with.

1.    Closing holes that could be used to enter your house by unwanted larger pests.
2.    Vacuum your house regularly. This ensures any eggs or larvae that may be in your home will be removed.
3.    Wash your pets regularly with flea soap Or you can try our new SolClean flea spray.

Trapping fleas

If a flea infestation is already established, your best solution is a flea trap. Flea traps have been proven to remove households from infestation and quickly act on any flea problem. They are also cost effective.

1.    Safety. Traps (flea traps included) they are mechanical and operated with batteries. They are not going to harm anyone in your home with the exception of fleas!

2.    Environmental protection. Flea traps are natural and do not contain anything that will harm your home or the environment.

3.    Reduced pest control costs. You only need to buy a flea trap once. The trap itself will last several years. All that is needed is to replace the trap cards when they are full (around 6-12 weeks depending on your infestation).

4.    Ease of use. Anyone can use a flea trap. They are simple and set up is easy.

5.    Discreetness. Flea traps are very discreet and apart from the absence of fleas you will not even know they are there!

The Pestrol Flea Trap

This trap is the highest quality on the market. Tested and tried by several universities (including Kansas university) the trap is 400x more effective than other models on the market. Using a combination of LED lights and adhesive pads the trap is simple and effective.

Best of all. It is 100% chemical free.

flea problem

The Pestrol Flea Trap