Double Ended Rodent Trap


Our most effective rat and mouse trap is here!

Strong, durable and super easy to set up.

370mm x 125mm x 100mm


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Pestrol’s most successful rat and mouse trap has arrived.

The latest innovative rodent trap to our range is our biggest seller worldwide.

Having a double ended rodent trap ensures the rodent is out smarted and will enter the trap. The rodents believe they will not get caught as they can see straight through the trap (entry and exit) giving them more confidence to go in to collect the bait.

There is a trip plate in the centre of the trap. The tripping function is extremely sensitive making sure you don’t miss out on catching the rodent.

Humane and easy to use.

Start trapping rodents today.

With more rodents in the UK per square feet than any other country.

Start using a smarter rat and mouse trap.

Tips & tricks on catching rodents
Make sure you correctly identify the type of rodent prior to setting the trap. Different species of rats & mice have differing habits. Determining the type of rodent can usually be worked out from the damage they are causing, sounds, odour and droppings. Droppings of about 18mm in length indicate the Norway Rat, 12mm for the Roof Rat and 3-4mm for the house mouse.

The following signs should always be investigated to confirm rat and mouse presence prior to use of the double ended rodent trap
– Runways, showing greasy patches on furniture and walls from the mouse fur
– Urine stains on surfaces of floors and cupboards
– Disappearance and / or nibbling of food
– Noise, often at night, which includes squeaking and fighting
– Nests behind furniture or cupboards made of paper and rags, sometimes snail shells.
– Select the trap which is most suitable for the problem. Browse our other traps here.
Place double ended trap on or very near runways, but not near food or places accessible to children or pets. The double ended rodent trap should never be set in hazardous locations (eg. above foods or food preparation surfaces), to avoid contamination by urine, droppings or blood.)
Bait the double ended rodent trap using an attractant such as raw meat, watermelon, chocolate, peanut butter, apple. The most attractive bait may depend on the particular eating habits of the mice or rats in each particular situation. You may have to experiment in the beginning with a variety of different baits to find out which is most suitable.
Make sure the double ended rodent trap is checked daily.
Wear gloves when handling dead mice and / or used trap.
Carefully wash used and contaminated double ended trap.

The benefits of trapping
The use of Pestrol rodent traps are preferred over the use of chemical control methods, such as poisons, for a variety of reasons including:

-For mouse control in premises where inaccessible dead mice cannot be tolerated
– For mouse control in premises where chemical pesticides are not tolerated
– For cleaning up remaining ‘bait shy’ mice after a baiting program
– Trapped mice can be easily disposed of once trapped
– No risk of non-target animals such as cats, dogs, possums eating rodent poisons
– No risk of mice dying and decomposing in inaccessible locations
– Pestrol rodent traps are compact and so can be set in tight places such as in cupboards, behind appliances, under pallets, etc
– Pestrol rodent traps are versatile as they can be used alone or placed inside tamper-resistant bait stations for discreet trapping




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