Pestrol Bed Bug Barrier


Pestrol Bed Bug Barrier controls bed bugs in domestic and institutional premises such as hotels and resorts as well as your home.


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APVMA Registered  product: BED BUG BARRIER: APVMA approval No: 65290/50641

Pestrol Bed Bug Barrier

The Pestrol Bed-Bug Barrier controls bed-bugs in both domestic and institutions, such as hotels and resorts.

The Pestrol Bed Bug Barrier controls strains of bed bugs resistant to synthetic pyrethoids. It is chemically stable and high temperatures will not effect it. This works by physical contact with the bed bugs causing death. The treatments will remain effective while they remain dry and refrain from coming into contact with other materials such as dust and debris.



Apply powder using a powder duster to cracks and crevices underneath edges of your carpet, powder points, wall sockets, behind skirting boards andother areas known to harbour bed bugs. 

Thorough treatment of bed bugs are required to achieve suitable levels of control. High levels of control may take 5 or more days to achieve. Control times will likely be longer in areas of high moisture and humidity.

It is recommended to cover all bedswith a bed bug proof mattress protector.

Bed Bug management should encompass non-chemical means of control as well as insecticides and be in accordance with the Code of Practice for the Control of Bed Bugs in Australia.


The Pestrol Bed Bug Barrier is ready to use; no further diluents should be added. Leave powder distributed for as long as possible after application.  DO NOT use in wet areas or where liquid insecticide preparations have or are likely to be used within a week of treatment.

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