Commercial Rodent Repeller


An effective commercial rodent repeller device designed for warehouse spaces and commercial environments.

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The Pestrol Commercial Rodent Repeller is an ultrasonic rodent and bird repeller. The Pestrol commercial pest repeller is  used in shops, kitchens, restaurants, supermarkets, food processing factories, warehouses, hospitals, ships, docks, farms, fast food chains, cinemas and any other place where being rodent free is a must in successfully running your business.

The Pestrol Commercial Rodent Repeller works efficiently at removing unwanted rodents from your commercial premisses and is perfect for warehouse environments. The repeller will quickly push rodents to leave and will continue to work, ensuring, that they will not be able to make a home of your business and cause damage and undue stress. If you are after a rodent repeller for a home environment, please have a look at our best selling Rodent Repeller. Which is ideal for the home environment.


  1. Ultrasonic waves which cause discomfort to rodents and birds but do no harm to humans and pets. It’s one of the most sanitary ways to get rid of those annoying pests.
  2. Frequencies ranging from 20 KHz to 65 KHz through modulated ultrasonic waves that are emitted from the Pestrol Commercial Pest Repeller forcing pests to leave.
  3. Ultrasonic waves that will not interfere with any electronic appliances.
  4. Quick results. In one to three weeks your infestation will be eliminated and continual use of Pestrol Commercial Pest Repeller will prevent further nesting and inhabitations.

The Pestrol Commercial Pest Repeller has 2 settings:

  • 1 for Birds
  • 1 for Rodents

The Pestrol Commercial Pest Repeller should be placed at a height of 20cm to 80 cm above the ground, and the waves should be aimed towards a hard wall surface or iron etc, so that the waves bounce off the walls of the room back and forth several times at various points, crossing their own path, until the room is saturated.

Dimensions:225 x 178 x 86mm
Weight: 1270g
Power consumption: 4 Watts
Frequency range: 10,000 Hz to 65,000 Hz
Output sound pressure: 115 Decibels
Coverage: 800 Sq metres