Pestrol Flea Defence Trap


Pestrol Flea Trap safely kills Fleas without chemicals and completely safe around family and pets.


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The Pestrol Flea Trap is your solution to controlling Fleas within your home.  Designed using the latest technology available this is the most effective Flea trap available.  The Pestrol Flea Trap will also allow you to rest easy knowing that your family and pets are not being exposed to harmful chemicals or toxins.

The product works by attracting Fleas towards it using a unique lighting technique and trapping them onto a sticky adhesive.  It will catch Fleas off wooden floors, carpets and furniture.  It will also catch baby Fleas and larvae.  Reducing numbers radically and effectively.

The product is a battery or mains powered system, meaning it is completely portable and can be situated anywhere within your home.  It is also light and easy to store away when it is not required.

The Pestrol Flea Trap was independently tested by Kansas State University, it was compared to other similar traps in the marketplace. The testing found that the Pestrol Flea Trap was the most efficient in trapping Fleas and the quickest at eradicating the population of Fleas within the placement area.

The unit is also completely silent!  Meaning you can place it in your bedroom and enjoy a peaceful nights sleep whilst knowing the Pestrol Flea Trap is eradicating your Flea problem.

Throw the sticky adhesive in the bin when it is full of Fleas and replace when required.  It’s that easy!

The Flea Trap will effectively cover a large sized room (lounge/dining/master bedroom).  To cover multiple rooms at a single time more then one unit may be required.

Operated by mains power or alternatively by 4 x AA Batteries.

Start trapping Fleas safely and effectively today!


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