Pestrol Fruit Fly Trap


Eliminate Fruit Flies using the Pestrol Trapple.  Fast and effective!


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The Pestrol Fruit Fly Trap is designed as an attractive yet effective way of ridding your home or office of Fruit Flies.

Via the discreet mode of action, Fruit Flies are lured to the trap easily and quickly.  The  strong attractant makes it irresistible, they fly towards the trap and crawl through the specially designed holes.  Once the Fruit Fly is inside the trap it will come into contact with the sticky adhesive and be unable to escape.

Suggestions for use:

Place the Pestrol Fruit Fly Trap into fruit bowl or close to where fruit flies are present. Enjoy a quiet & clean method to controlling Fruit Flies in your kitchen 24/7.

Fruit flies will be trapped both on the sticky adhesive and inside the fruit fly attractant cup itself.

Included with your purchase:

1 x Pestrol Trapple Fruit Fly Trap (Apple).

1 x fruit fly attractant that lasts 6-8 weeks (refills available).

1 x adhesive board that lasts 6-8 weeks. (adhesives available).

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