Pestrol Mice Multi-catch


Avoid poisons and kill traps, catch Mice humanely.


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182mm x 110mm x 65mm

This trap is for the humane capture of small mice.

The Pestrol Multi-Catch Mouse trap is ideal for the live capture of mice, with room for more than one mouse to be captured at a time.  The trap can potentially  hold up to 6 mice at a time and can be used multiple times.

The Pestrol Multi-Catch Mouse trap is made from galvanised mesh with a strong metal base plate, meaning escape is impossible. The compact design allows the trap to be placed in tight areas, which are often the areas most frequently visited by Mice.

Suitable for both indoors and outdoors.  Easy to use, easy to access, easy release.


  • 182mm x 110mm x 65mm
  • Galvanised mesh with a metal base plate.
  • Easy to use.
  • Top entry point meaning escape is impossible.
  • Multi-use
  • Easy to clean.
  • Family & pet safe – no springs, gates or poison


  1. It is very important to correctly identify the type of rodent prior to the purchase of a rodent trap.   . Determining the type of rodent is easily worked out from the size of droppings found within the area. Droppings of about 12-18mm in length would assume a species of Rat, 3-4mm would assume a species of Mouse (most likely the common House Mouse).
  2. Signs that you have a mouse:
    • Runways will show greasy areas on walls and furniture from mouse fur
    • Look for urine stains on floors
    • Nibbling of food
    • Noise at night time, particularly squeaking. Squeaking generally means that there are multiple mice in the area.
    • Ripping of paper occuring behind or under furniture or cupboards, this suggests a nest.
  3. Select the size of trap which is most suitable for the situation. Eg Small  Multi Catch Mouse Trap for mice and Large Multi Catch Trap for Rats.
  4. Place the trap on or near runways where activity has been seen, try to avoid areas where pets and small children frequent. Avoid placing the trap near food areas to avoid contamination from the Mice.
  5. Bait the trap using something such as bread, nuts, peanut butter, or watermelon. You may need to try different baits over several nights before you find one that the Mice are most interested in.
  6. Check the traps daily.
  7. Always wear gloves when disposing of Mice.
  8. It is recommended to keep the trap clean to avoid any contamination or spreading of disease.


Avoid kill traps, poisons and chemicals.

Easy to release.

Easy to bait.

Easy access.

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