Mosquito Wrist Bands – Extra Strength x 4


Pestrol wristbands contain 9.50% Mint Oil, which is  a 100% natural, safe, effective and DEET FREE ingredient.

The Pestrol writsband will assist in repelling fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes with up to 120 hours protection.


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Our Mosquito Wrist Bands contain 9.50% Mint Oil. They are a natural, safe and effective way of repelling Mosquitoes while enjoying the outdoors.  Best of all – they are DEET FREE!

Our Mosquito Wrist Bands will also assist in repelling Fleas and Ticks.

They give up to 120 hours protection, are extremely lightweight and easy to put on and take off again.  You can even put them back in the packet after using to prolong their lifespan!

Great for the entire family…ideal for kids and even your pets!

Take them away with you on holiday or just use them casually when you are out in the garden or down at the local park.


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