Pestrol Rodent Repeller


Get rid of rats, mice and helps control cockroaches. 3 Technologies: Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic & Ionic.  2 Year Warranty + 100 Day money back guarantee!

  • Chemical Free, safe for kids and pets
  • 24 hour protection + lasts up to 10 years
  • Effective in covering walls, ceiling and open space

Estimated Coverage 

  • 1 Unit covers a 1-2 bedroom home
  • 2 Units cover a 2-3 bedroom home
  • 3 units cover a 3-4 bedroom home
  • Multi-level homes require 1 Unit per Floor

Where to use:

  • Inside your home                     Restaurants
  • Garage                                         Hotels
  • Shed                                             Offices
  • Barn                                             Hospitals




CREATED IN AUSTRALIA – As advertised on talkback radio and TV Australia wide.  New design with improved technology.

SAFE & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Chemical Free, Harm Free and Odor Free to humans and pets.  Will not interfere with household appliances. Meets all Australian electrical standards. 100% Safe!

EASY & CONVENIENT TO USE – Simply plug it in  and the unit will utilize your wiring to spread the signal through your house. Pestrol Rodent Free covers walls, ceilings, and open spaces.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – 2 Year Manufacturing Warranty.  Full refund within 100 days.  In business over 22 years.  We stand by our products!  We provide customer service that cares and when needed is willing to take the extra steps for you to succeed.

Electronic Rat and Mouse Repeller from Pestrol.

The Rodent Repeller uses a combination of ultrasonic, electromagnetic and ionic technologies to get rid of rats and mice from in your home and workplaces. Our Pestrol Rodent Repeller also aids in the control of cockroaches.

How to get rid of rats? Well, the Rodent Repeller is so easy to use. Simply select your setting and plug the Rodent Repeller into the wall. Set and forget, chemical free and guaranteed to work.

No more traps, no more mess. Our Pestrol Rat and Mouse Repeller is an eco-friendly pest control product that only requires mains power to operate. Safe around your family and pets and the environment.

    • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee – Immediate Dispatch
    • Flat Shipping Rate of £6.99 – regardless of the products purchased.
    • No chemicals
    • Full 2-year replacement warranty.
    • 24 hours 7-day protection
    • Maximum of 8 watts of power. Costing only pence per week to run.
    • A piece of mind. Pestrol, has been selling pest control solutions and products worldwide since 1999.
rat and mouse rodent repeller

Repel disease-ridden rats and mice electronically, chemical free and humanely.

How does it work?


With wires all through our roofs, ceilings and walls, the Electromagnetic technology sends pulses or shifting signals through the wiring. This is a sound or vibration that we cannot hear, but the rats and mice can. It disturbs them and irritates the pests nervous system and they must move on. They can’t communicate with each other, eat, build nests or breed. Our technology turns on and off at certain timed intervals. This ensures that the rodents and cockroaches do not build up a tolerance against the repelling technologies.

Scientific Studies: (Our Pestrol team continually looks at ways of improving the technology and we make continual adjustments to our product to deliver you with the best results!)

  • 2003 research by Professor Danthanarayana an Emeritus Professor of Zoology at the University of NEW England, who has 42 years experience as a Zoologist.  This research affirms the findings and conclusion that the food and water consumption of rodents are adversely affected by electromagnetic pest control devices.
  • 2002 study performed by Genesis laboratories in Colorado USA, which shows the ability of electronic repellent device to repel certain pests in controlled environments.  The study shows: ‘the feed consumption patterns offer the strongest indication that the wild mice were in fact reacting to the device.  The females in particular displayed feeding patterns consistent with hypothesis that they were avoiding the signal.  The responses of both sexes of mice when the signal location was reversed in phase 2 also suggest s the mice were aware of the signal.  The feeding pattern clearly changed in conjunction with the signal relocation”.
  • H.Shytel Glover cockroach test, 1997: “The Electromagnetic device is not only effective in repelling roaches, but after removal has a residual effect for approximately 30 days”.  The result from the tests showed successfully repelling rodent from the protected area
Electromagnetic Rodent Repeller

DIY electromagnetic rat and mice repellers work through your wiring to repel rodents.


The ultrasonic component of our Pestrol Rodent Repeller emits a high pressured ultrasonic (humans cannot hear this) sound directly from the speaker in the unit. The sounds are fluctuating and drives rodents and cockroaches directly from where the unit is plugged in. Ultrasonic waves can’t go around walls or through solid objects. Therefore, it is important to keep this in mind when choosing a location to plug your rodent Repeller in.

Scientific Studies:

  • Kansas State University: did an in – depth examination providing its appeal.  The review stated:  “confirmed that ultrasonic sound products do have both a repellent result as well as a reduction in mating and reproduction of a variety of insects.”
  • University of British Columbia by John P.J Pinel – a thorough investigation was done to evaluate the possibilities of using a device which emits high  – intensity, ultrasonic sound to control rat populations.  The study found “that a signal administered at only 96db was as noxious to rats as a painful electric shock”.
  • A study conducted by S.A. Shumake at Denver Wildlife Research Center confirmed a decrease in food consumption where ultrasound devices were present.


Ionic technology that is emitted from the Pestrol rat and mouse Repeller electrically charges atoms that are in our homes. To put that into baby language, this is similar to Negative Ions that are produced naturally by lightning before a storm. Animals; including rats, mice and insects are sensitive to these ions and move away to seek shelter or protection. The other advantage other than repelling pests is the ability for the unit to assist purifying the air.

Need a commercial electronic rodent and bird repeller: click here or if you need an electronic rodent repeller solely for open areas try our new Impact Rodent Repeller.

Scientific Studies:

  • U.S. Dept. of Agriculture found that ionizing a room led to 52% less dust in the air, and 95% less bacteria in the air (since many of the pollutants found in the air reside on floating dust particles).
  • The Agriculture Research Services of the U.S Dept. of Agriculture tested the effectiveness of ionizers for removing dust in a poultry hatchery.  The level is very high in such an environment.  In this study, the use of an ionizer resulted in dust removal efficiencies that averaged between 81.1 and 92.2%.  The airborne transmission of salmonella (to the eggs) was also significantly reduced as a result.

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