Solar Animal Repeller



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Our Solar Animal Repeller is a brand new and improved model that is perfect for repelling a large number of different animals.

The Pestrol Solar Animal Repeller will effectively remove the following animals through humane ultrasonic waves:

  • dogs
  • cats
  • birds
  • rodents
  • foxes
  • badgers
  • rabbits

It is important that the unit is placed in a location where it will get maximum access to sunlight, you can then set and forget.    Usually, this would be a minimum of 3 hours of sunlight per day.

Protecting your backyard / lawn / patio area has never been so easy. The unit will  then emit a sudden burst of ultrasonic sound upon the motion sensor being activated.  Any animal within contact of the unit will be immediately startled and will want to leave the area.


  • Water resistant
  • Solar powered
  • 2 adjustable knobs for
    • Ultrasonic frequency
    • Sensitivity
  • 4 x AA rechargeable batteries – supplied
  • long lasting.

The Solar Animal Repeller is so easy to use and install.  Perfect for anyone’s garden!


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