Ultrasonic Rat Repeller – Impact Repeller


Pestrol Impact Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller

The latest in open space rodent repelling for the UK

Unlike its premium counterpart the Pestrol Rodent Repeller, the Impact Ultrasonic rat and mouse Repeller isn’t required to be plugged directly into the wall.

The unit can be placed exactly where it is required. The Impact ultrasonic rodent Repeller has 180 degrees front facing range from the unit and will do up to 200 Sqm.

Utilising Ultrasonic technology to help you keep rats and mice away, this unit will help protect your open areas in your home and commercial building.

30-day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty



Now available in the UK


Duel speakers to cover 270 degrees to repel rats and mice in open areas. (Inaudible to humans)

4 Settings to choose from:

  1. Duo: Intermittent impulse attack waves plus frequency sweeping attack waves will be projected from both of the dual speakers and transducer. The beat frequency produced during the DUO mode is normal operation.
  2. Trans: Intermittent impulse attack waves will be projected from the transducer system
  3. Ultra: Frequency sweeping attack waves will be projected from the dual speaker system
  4. Test: The device will shift its output down into the audible range of human beings for a reassuring check of it’s ultrasonic output when switched to the Test mode. The shrill, shock, unregulated siren-like sound produced simulates the sound that pests hear continually.


Dimensions: 119mm x 98mm x 98mm

Weight: 180g

Power Supply: AC Adaptor 100-120 VAC 60 cycles

200-240 VAC 50 cycles

Power Consumption: 1.5 watts

Frequency Range: 25,000-65,000Hz (continuously variable)

Output Sound Pressure: 135 decibel

Emission Angle: 260 degrees

Ultrasonic rat repeller

Remove rodents from your place with our new Impact Ultrasonic Rat Repeller

What Customers are Saying about our Ultrasonic Rat Repeller

* I had mousie scratching noises from the attic for weeks and it was driving me nuts. I generally didn’t have much faith in ultrasonic repellers, but I figured I would try this product because the seller would help if it didn’t work. I didn’t have power in the attic to plug the unit into, so I simply placed it on top of a bookshelf (about a foot from the ceiling) in the room where the noises were the worst. I can hear some clicks from the unit when I’m in that room, but otherwise I don’t notice it. After a few days, the mousie noises cleared up! I’ve been keeping track, and the mousies try to return about once a month now. I don’t have to do anything special – the mousie noises never last more than a day or two and the unit drives them away. I just leave it plugged in all the time. I’ve had it for about 6 months now, and I’m very happy with my purchase. – Sam

*It works wonderfully! After weeks and weeks of killing mice only to have another one take its place I got tired and started doing a little research. I found a lot of ultrasound mice repellents but on all the others reviews were mixed. This one looked the most promising and I have to say that since I plugged it in i have not seen a single mouse in my apartment. I have no clue how they got in but I am extremely happy they are gone and will never return! Fabulous product, would recommend to anyone having trouble with mice in their home. – Christopher

Ultrasonic Rat Repeller Instructions for Use

Just plug into electricity and the unit can be used indoors at any time. You will be begin to notice a difference within the first two weeks however please note you may see increased activity first as the rodents will come out of hiding. Leave the unit plugged in day and night, all year round for continuous protections from rodents.

Please do not place the Impact Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller on carpeted surfaces, behind furniture, curtains or other soft objects as they will absorb the sound waves. Do not place the unit next to your ear when operating the test mode. Do not use unit outdoors or let water come into contact with the unit.

The Pestrol Rodent Repeller is more suitable for whole house repelling and not just for open spaces.

The Impact Ultrasonic Rat Repeller is more for open areas without obstruction.

Please note: UK plug supplied with Impact Ultrasonic Rat and Mice Repeller


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