Pest insects are a constant problem for both homeowners and business operators regardless of the time of year; changing seasons only change the type. The most common types of pest insects in the country are flies, fleas, cockroaches, wasps, mosquitoes and ants. Well, whatever the insect that is causing you headaches, Pestrol has got the solution for you. Our range of insect control products gives you adequate ammunition to deal with any kind of infestation. We provide:

Automatic insect dispensers
These dispense tiny amounts of pyrethrins into the air to ensure that no insect whether crawling or flying settles in your premises. The device is fully automated; all you need to do is set the time interval you want it to release the mist after.

Insect catchers
For some reason or another you might prefer to trap insects instead of killing or repelling them using insecticide. This may be due to the sensitivity of the area you want to protect or just personal preference. Our insect catchers use innovative solutions to capture and retain insects and do so discreetly and efficiently.

Outdoor insect repellers
The outdoors are the pest insects’ haven. They are in their element here. Without proper protection, fun times can be rudely interrupted by these unwanted guests. Our outdoor pest repellers ensure that insects steer clear of you space so that you can go on with your activities undisturbed. Don’t let mosquitoes bite your guests and ants steal your food!

Insect bite remedies
Even with all the pest insects flying and crawling around, we still have to go out and enjoy ourselves. But even with the necessary precautions, insects still sneak up on us and take a bite while we’re not looking. Not to worry though, if they do, we’ve got the device to make their bites less painful and less severe.

Specific insect control
In addition to these products, we also provide specialised products that target specific pest insects for a more targeted offensive. We have specific solutions for cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes and fruit flies.

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