Cockroaches can make anyone’s life a living hell. However, we here at Pestrol UK make it our business to help our customers banish cockroaches from their home. Cockroaches present a number of problems for your home and business and often they are not the easiest pest to banish. This is why we offer a number of alternatives for our customers ensuring that cockroach control is not only easy but economic and effective.

Electronic Control

Our Electronic Rodent Repeller has been used by our customers for a number of years as a cockroach killer. As effective on cockroaches as it is rats and mice, cockroaches cannot survive the ultrasonic sound and the electromagnetic pulse of the device.


Traps are an effective cockroach killer and are easy to use. Made with glue and bait cockroach traps are an easy and safe solution to removing these pests from your home.


Helping to secure your home and protect them from cockroaches, repellents are a handy treatment that will successfully remove this hated pest from your home or business.




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