Fleas don’t only make your pet’s lives havoc but they can make your family’s havoc as well. Small creatures that enjoy feasting on your pets and creating an uncomfortable itch for the rest of your family. Pets are a part of your family, you want them to be safe and happy in your home and when they are plagued by fleas, it makes the task almost impossible. Here at Pestrol UK we have a range of products available for to suit any family or business for flea treatment and control.

Flea Trap

The Pestrol My Flea Trap is 400 times more effective at killing fleas than any other flea trap produced. Using LED lights to emulate a desirable pattern for fleas to enter the My Flea Trap uses adhesive sheets to lure and catch fleas.

Flea Treatments

SolClean flea treatment is the perfect ecological solution to your flea problem. An effective flea killer, that is completely natural and safe for your pets and your family. This solution will not only help your pets remain free from fleas however, it will also help remove fleas from furniture, carpet and other items in your home.

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