There is nothing worse to ruin a perfect Summer’s day than the presence of flies. Not only do you stop enjoying the surrounding atmosphere, however, flies will ruin your afternoon. Which is why fly repellent and control is essential in any UK home.

Pestrol UK provides numerous solutions for fly control in your home or business. We aim to ensure our customers are protected from flies and other insects and we pride ourselves on providing a large range of DIY products suited to everyone.

Fly Traps

Using light and advanced technology our fly traps are the most effective and economic solution for businesses. We also have smaller fly traps which are the best fly killer designed for homes. With easy maintenance and manageable designs fly traps are a great choice for any home or business.

Fly Repellent Clothing

We have shirts for men and women and socks in a range of sizes. Treated by Insect Shield, Pestrol fly and insect repellent clothing lasts for 70 washes and will ensure you are safe from pests and comfortable.





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