Wherever they invade, be it at work or at home, rodents can cause a lot of damage to your property. In addition to the damage they cause to your food, fabrics and other items of value in their long list of edibles, rodents are a constant health hazard due to their capability of transmitting diseases. For rodent control, Pestrol offers three distinct solutions to fit varying customer needs.

Electromagnetic rodent repellers
These work by generating electromagnetic pulses that are tuned to directly affect the rodent’s nervous system making it very difficult for them to settle. They are chemical free and do not affect other animals such as pets. Electromagnetic repellers are good for homes and business premises where chemicals cannot be used.

Rat & Mice Traps
Keeping control of rats and mice can often be difficult. These trap the rodents and keep them in captivity until you release them. They use baits placed inside to attract rodents that once inside, can’t get out. These are suitable for places where dead rats cannot be tolerated. We also offer great rat deterrent options to help keep them away!

Ultrasonic Rat and Mice Repellers
Ultrasonic repellers operate by emitting shortwave, high-frequency sound waves that are inaudible to humans. This sound unsettles rodents and forces them away. These devices are useful for controlling rodents both indoors and outdoors.

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